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Frequently asked questions

  I have paid via Moneybookers, direct debit or bank transfer and my order has not arrived.  
    If you are paying via direct debit or instant transfer, you automatically pay via Moneybookers. Please note that this kind of transfer can also take a few days.  
    I have a Moneybookers account.  
  If you made a Moneybookers account when ordering (or beforehand), please check whether your money, which has been withdrawn from Moneybookers, might be in your Moneybookers account.  
    The money is in your Moneybookers account and has not been sent to us.  
  Please order in the game again and pay directly via your Moneybookers account.  
  You can see in the list of transactions that the payment has been made to us.  
  Please contact us concerning this issue. Send us the e-mail that you registered your Moneybookers account with and the ID of the transaction that was forwarded to us. You can also just send us a copy of the transaction.  
  I do not have a money bookers account.  
  If this is the case, please directly contact Moneybookers. As we cannot view the accounts of Moneybookers we cannot help you at this point.